Dear Santa,

Just got inspired by one of my followers, Samantha to tell Santa Claus what I would like for Christmas. Oh my God. This post won’t even be enough for the list of things I would need from him. Okay, okay. Let’s make this interesting and narrow the number to 5! ( yeah I said it. 5. 😿) What are the 5 things I really do need from Santa? Anything, and he’ll get them to me before Christmas. I’ll list mine, and you’ll list yours too. Let’s make this fun.


1. I want to get to know that special person that I would belong to for the rest of my life. Deep yea? Lool. I really do want to know what makes him different from the others.

IMG_2148.JPG 2. Aaaaarghhh. I want a Beats by Dre Monster headphone!!!!! I need it badly! πŸ™€πŸ™€


3. I want a reunion of “all” my friends. I mean, all of us, kicking back and relaxing with good food and music. Distance is a bitch


4. You can never have enough of these, Santa. ❀️ Thank you Santa. β€οΈπŸ’Œ


5. I can’t walk in them, ( yhup. I’m being honest, unlike some people. Lol) I’m a sneaker/ flip flop kinda person, but, it would definitely put a smile on this good girl’s face if I have one of these. And that’s it. Lol. Quite hard for me to pick, but yeah. These will do just fine. Tell me yours too.



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