On the first day of Christmas…

The countdown begins.

I know most of us are not as psyched as we were when we were much younger about christmas.

We’re forming up “It just doesn’t feel like christmas” or “I’m too old for this.”

Yes we are older and we should be able to understand better the essence of Christmas.

The truth is, Christmastime wasn’t made just for you, It was made for sharing love to other people that can never repay you back. Giving.

Now, God gave to us what we can possibly never give back, His only begotten son.

His only? Wow. When you say something is your “Only”, you have no other. You have no substitute.

When a friend asks for my shawarma, (Not a bite, the whole thing!)  and that happens to be the last one in school for that day, ( let’s assume) ( lol. Yes! Shawarma!), and i happen to be very hungry after hustling for it, ( You know how it is ) I cannot but say NO! I’d be like “Where were you when i was hustling for it?”

But then, that’s how God gave us his Son. This example is not even legit for what God gave us. His Son cannot be gotten anywhere else, but yet, He still sent His Son to us as a gift.

Man can definitely not be God. The world would have been in shambles by now.

Lets begin to cultivate the habit of giving.

And that’s the actual reason for the season

So, put up those decorations like old times and get FESTIVE!



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