Musings: Can you survive without the Internet

My sincerest apologies for not being able to post anything for the past few days. Something horrid happened.


Lool. What seemed like forever was only two days. Two “boring” days!
Really. I feel I can’t survive without the internet anymore. Maybe then, I could, (and I’m speaking for most people out there too).

Back in CU, whenever there’s some sort of malfunctioning of the radius servers, it’s like hell for most people. Haha. The agony of not being able to check those latest tweets, or new images on Instagram, or BBM our folks till dawn.

I found myself sleeping like a log, playing video games, and just cooking. I was even this close to reading my semester notes!

What other things can you do when those data bundles are exhausted?
Lol. It’s easier said than done.
Try it out for yourself and see if you’re totally dependent on the Internet or nah. 😊



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