Letters I never send


Dear you,
The first day I saw you, I felt nothing. Your smile left no lingering feeling. Your laugh to me was an awkward noise. You were nothing to me but another embodiment of life and flesh. Another stranger happened to pass by.
But after that day, you danced into my thoughts maybe once or twice. A year passed and a second waltzed by and I thought I had forgotten.
But one day, I found out that I would see you again and my, how excited I got. I was ecstatic at the thought that I would reunite with my stranger after so long.
But you were no longer the stranger, only I was. For you see, now the world knew you and I was forced to too. Now I knew who you were but you didn’t know me.
And then we met for a second time and I smiled. Your laugh serenaded my ears and your eyes were intoxicating.
You smiled at me and sang to me and then I fell.

I fell so fast, it was too late when I realized. And then you smiled cooly and you were gone. Now I’m left with half a heart and you don’t even know it.
I am overjoyed that I had met you again. And I’ll count the stars until we meet again

But I’m terrified that maybe we never will, and it will take an eternity for me to make a third first impression.

By : Favour Emma Nwachukwu
Tagged : Letters I never send

Amazing! Touching really.
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One thought on “Letters I never send

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