Aphrodija of the Mavins Crew

So, I love to draw. I love pencils and how black they could get. Lol. And apparently, I haven’t actually had a formal art tutoring experience. (Except for primary school and junior secondary school days. Those general crap classes. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). Science class took over me, physics, chemistry (oh! The worst of them all) and those sorts. So the closest thing I could relate to drawing was TD.

Now I’m here studying Civil engineering in university. A five year course. And I’m in my middle year so, I’m almost done. (Yaay! )

I really do want to further into Art and art related issues, because it’s passion for me. Truth be told, I hardly practice to draw. I just put that pencil on paper, and Gbam! ( pardon my razz intonations. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) God does it for me again, the current ones better than the previous.

I’m a very lazy chap when it comes to getting myself up to draw, but once I do. It’s always worth it. ❀️

Well. Here’s a piece I drew a few days back. She’s Aphrodija of the Mavins crew. And yeah, you might have seen on Twitter my struggles of trying to get this to her, or my Instagram Art page @artbyvictoriaking trying to get her attention, but it’s all good. ☺️😊

Feel free to criticize. Any angles. Any mistakes. I’m open!














Do you like it? Lol. Feel free to comment below.



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