Wait your turn.

Wow. So, I don’t know where to start. I’m filled with anger and laughter at the same time. (I’ll tell you what’s up in a jiffy.) .
Remember the last post on here, the drawing of Aphrodija from the Mavins crew, oh my! The hustle was worth it. It got the most retweets I’ve ever gotten in the history of my Twitter.





Yes! She finally retweeted it!
And not only did she retweet it, she also posted it on her IG page.
Now this is where everything gets funny. And where the title of this post is based on.


Now, she posted it on her IG and mentioned me in it which I’m Grateful to God for! And all my friends on Twitter and IG social media.
Then, all of a sudden, people began to comment. I scrolled through the comments after appreciating her for the recognition, and then I stopped. I noticed this particular account seeking her attention. I won’t say much. Let these following pictures do the speaking.






And then, I began to think…
What would it have taken for the girl and her friend to simply wait their turn?
I loved the simple answer Aphrodija gave to her.
Well, who am I to judge?
Some people would have ignored. But it won’t still stop them from doing or saying what they want to say
So, to the lass, I say, “Wait your turn”





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