I love matte lipsticks! I’m a huge fan. I love the way they dry up and get attached to the lips. πŸ˜ƒ
Ok. Enough fantasies. The problem is, “which is better?”
There’s a wide range out there for us to try out, but most of them are not that cheap to buy in quantities but if picked wisely, you’d definitely get a run for your money.
Here are some of the mattes I found to be really good.

The one and only retro matte ruby woo.



I really love the outcome of Nars matte lipstick. Such elegance.


Revlon mattes are also pretty decent. It’s a good get for a neat price.


Well, you know you can always achieve the effect of a matte lipstick by applying powder over the lips after applying the lipstick. (A neat trick)
Know any tip you’ll love to share? Have them dropped in the comments below.




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