The month of love.


Who’s going to be my valentine?
Who’s going to get the most presents?
Love letters?
Who’s going to take this girl out for a lovely walk?


Whenever February approaches, I can’t help but remember my early days as a toddler. When we would have to be paired up in class and get surprise gifts for that special name written in the selected paper. I was always even eager to find out who picked my name. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
(If the person would know what I would really love)

Well, February is here again, and definitely, not about that anymore. I could still give that style a go! And see if it would work but… Some would look at it as cheesy.

Valentine’s Day is even the Election Day for my country. (A totally different ball game being played.) . When the month is over, we will know the president.

Lol. So, in case you wanna get me anything, get at me to know exactly what I would want, or better still, “Surprise me!”

Happy February



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