Team Natural – is it worth it?

Really, I’ve been up on a lot of people lately, telling me their hair issues. How they want to cut their hair short. How they are fed up of their redundant hair nature, how it just doesn’t want to grow. And what’s their aim?
They want to go “Team Natural” why? Because it looks good on people in pictures. Because I feel it will make my hair grow longer.
Frankly, a lot of our decisions are made on the norms of the media.
What the media carries and poses as what should be, as the “in thing”
A lot of us prefer style to comfort, and it shouldn’t be so.
Someone could have her reasons for going natural, another could just want to become natural simply because everyone is doing it.

Cut your hair?

Not even trim, cut?
I sincerely don’t approve of this for so many reasons, but if you have your mind set on it, and there’s no space for convincing, then, go ahead.
Remember, studies have shown that the hair has an effect on the confidence boost on people in general.
I wouldn’t want to wake up to a bad hair day.
I’ll just won’t go anywhere. And I’ll be all sulky and moody for that day

So you want to go natural?

You really want to go natural? All curly hair ? All African rooted? No perms?
Remember also, the need for more hair products.
YES! More hair products.
Which means more money needed to purchase these.
More time needed to be devoted into maintaining the hair.
As the hair grows, more care is needed. More washing, more oils.
More of everything!
You definitely would need the cash, the time, the devotion. You must be devoted. It’s a hair journey. And you can’t expect to get instant recovery from that “short cut hair” of yours.

Please note

Different people have different hair textures and hair requirements.
That is why manufacturers put in consideration, the nature of your hair : coarse, dry, normal.
What works for some, may not work for all.
Your hair remedy may not just be to cut it short, and start all over again.
Maybe it is. But then, have a review on the way you care for your hair at the moment, and ask if you feed your hair with the right products regularly just like the way you eat your meals everyday.

Your hair miracle!
Eat good food.
Drink lots of water!
Make sure you reduce the tension on your hair strands and hair roots.
Too much relaxing and using hot irons and curlers damage your hair.
Never leave your hair unattended to.
Never leave your hair dry and hard. Always remember to add hair oils and hair food to your scalp. Same way you cant leave your throat dry when you’re thirsty, or starve yourself when you’re hungry.


Your hair is beauty
It’s one of the first a guy looks at when judging your appearance.
So keep it clean!
It may not just be about the “team natural”
You never can tell your hair miracle.
Live outside the media
Live outside the box.



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