Fashion | How I wore my atmosphere courts + pictures

It’s democracy day here in Nigeria. 💯 I’m more than excited though, not because my party won and is getting sworn in today, but because we managed to scale through the elections in peace. Lol. I was expecting some fights here and there to be honest with you. This proved to me that violence isn’t … More Fashion | How I wore my atmosphere courts + pictures

7 Facts about me

Wow! So, i got nominated for the Versatile Blogger’s award by my friend and amazing Blogger Unini  and I’m meant to share seven facts about myself. lol. So, here goes! 7 Facts about Victoria King The name in full is “King Victoria Mojisola Udeme” ( Don’t call me Udeme or else! Lol) I’m the first of … More 7 Facts about me

Style | Make up for beginners + make up essentials for make up artists

I’m no make up artist, yeah, but who says I can’t be my personal make up artist? Anyhoos, I’ve been gathering up some make up stuff that I’d love to share with some of us, who may be beginners at this. I’m a beginner. So let’s go!     Of course, the first thing we should … More Style | Make up for beginners + make up essentials for make up artists

She took it! 

Lool. Took what? Took what? She took her drawing. Aphrodija! Lol. For the past two days, its been nothing but mixed feelings. Too excited that she finally got to see her drawing (personally), but also sad that the artwork is gone. Feels like a hole in my heart atm. 😩 Lol. More like how africans … More She took it! 

Words of the day 

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.  -Alexander Graham Bell

Beauty in Black

Being Black is truly beautiful. I mean, getting all those curves and edges and highlights on your skin, all those foundations and contours the natural sun-rays hit on the skin. I could go on and on about how colorful blacks could be Being black is heavenly, and its high time blacks begin to appreciate this. … More Beauty in Black

Inevitable change

Its so amazing how throwbacks could get so funny at times. Looking back and imagining how on earth you did such funny things. Take my art for instance, yesterday, I was going through my art archives and I said to myself, “I’ve actually come a long way in this”.           Even my throwback pictures, … More Inevitable change