She took it! 

Lool. Took what? Took what?

She took her drawing. Aphrodija!

Lol. For the past two days, its been nothing but mixed feelings. Too excited that she finally got to see her drawing (personally), but also sad that the artwork is gone. Feels like a hole in my heart atm. 😩

Lol. More like how africans felt back in history when the british stole their artworks. Haha. I now understand!

First of all, go down low  (i couldnt resist), let me speak of how awesome she is.

  • She’s a beauty! 😍😍


  • I actually thought that her hair was a fix in. But, woah!She’s a natural!
  • She’s got happy feet! yes! Happy feet. Shes so happy, she makes me wanna be happy too. 😭😭

Well well well… Just when i thought i could get back to my pencils, this had to happen. A flu and fever.

God dey.

He would surely make me bounce back stronger than before.

I hope my readers had a swell weekend. 😊 


Psalm 143:1010  Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.



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