Style | Make up for beginners + make up essentials for make up artists

I’m no make up artist, yeah, but who says I can’t be my personal make up artist?

Anyhoos, I’ve been gathering up some make up stuff that I’d love to share with some of us, who may be beginners at this.

I’m a beginner. So let’s go!


Of course, the first thing we should be thinking of getting as a beginner, isn’t the make up, itself, but the brushes. Now it gets a bit tricky in here because, there’s a wide range of make for these brushes. I mean, look at sephora! So colorful. Well, I had GHuNu ( Judith Omonua)  to put me through this, and we settled for these. 


The BH cosmetic Eco brush set.

I’m in love with this particular set from BH. 

I’d do a quickie review on it soon. Not on this post.

Up next, is the foundation. Now, I want to clear the air by making this statement. A lot of women out there don’t use their foundation colour and it makes them simply look like ghosts! 

This issue of foundation was even a problem for me, not until recently.

I finally found the perfect fit for me, it may not be your fit. And that’s the Tara foundation. Not too oily, not too dry, just perfect for me.

  Okay, we have the eye shadows and all. And if you want to take a bold step, the contour pallets. I’d just purchase one for keeps, till I’m ready to unlock that level. But here’s one I recently got from konga 

Super fast delivery! And at an affordable price too. It’s the BH third edition 120 colour palette. A review would come up as I begin to use this. 


I don’t still know what I’m doing with 120 colours but I’ll scale through. It’s buying for the future. Lol


And finally, the powder. I mean, there are lots to choose out there, it depends on you and your budget type. I decided to go for the Milani pressed powder because I’m not too particular about any product and it does a pretty good finishing job to the whole ensemble. You could try the pricy ones, it all depends on how well it finishes the look.

If you have any questions, which I’m sure you do, please place as a comment and I’ll be more than pleased to help. 





9 thoughts on “Style | Make up for beginners + make up essentials for make up artists

  1. Vic le Vic!! This post is awesome for people like me ☺️☺️ I’m even more obsessed than I ever was and I’m coming for your palette

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