7 Facts about me

Wow! So, i got nominated for the Versatile Blogger’s award by my friend and amazing Blogger Unini  and I’m meant to share seven facts about myself. lol. So, here goes!

7 Facts about Victoria King

  1. The name in full is “King Victoria Mojisola Udeme” ( Don’t call me Udeme or else! Lol)
  2. I’m the first of four kiddos! I mean, we’re all girls, so.. “Girl Power!”
  3. I’ve been on a search for eyebrows since I was born. I have close to none. 😦
  4. I cant walk in heels to save my life. lol. I mean, I’m trying to learn, but, dang! I love comfort.
  5. I could get really emotional around people for no reason. No mood swings, just emotional overflow.
  6. some people think drawing is my hobby, but, not necessarily. I draw when i’m bored or motivated to. ( could be money motivated too )
  7. I love my music LOUD! I’m a fan of loud, quality music so, I may not be your perfect roommate.

There you have it! 7 Facts about Victoria King. !

Thanks again for nominating me for the award! It’s been a tough one trying to compile the best and worst of me in 7 facts. There are still more though, lol. Watch out fellow readers! You could be nominated too.

Till my next post.





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