My country in crisis 

If you didn’t know, I’m a born Nigerian. Nigeria may not be the best place to be in atm, but I sure do love my country. The problem is, nigeria has so much money and greed have covered our leader’s eyes. In fact, the leaders weren’t even properly voted in. Yeah. They rig their way in. 

Even though I feel this year’s election wasn’t rigged, there would still be some missing equations and all. So, I decided to share this on here, and open a discussion about this ongoing issue, so we would discuss. 

I posted this earlier on Facebook. Have a good read. ✨


So, this is how much Nigeria owes the oil marketers, and how much she has to pay before this fuel madness would seize. $60 Billion! And to think people still wanted this government to continue its lavish rule. What were we thinking of when this money was spent carelessly?  

It didn’t go into education, or agriculture, or tourism, or the economy. It went into their “already dragging” pockets! 

Now, the treasury at the federal level is empty, and we are owing the oil marketers a major debt of such magnanimous amount. 

Shame on an oil producing country. A country that cannot boast of just one sound refinery.

Please pray for Nigeria. It is necessary. The people in government have been so corrupt, stealing national funds without a heart, using it to better their own lives instead of the people.

A lot of major companies are shutting down because, No fuel. MTN, GTB, ARIK airlines, two Radio stations, etc.  It’s disheartening and shameful tbh.


You can’t blame it all on the leaders, we also have been ignorant to these issues for a very long time, and it’s just the tip of the repercussions we are facing.

Take a look at America. They have so much, they’re even running out of storage.

     Nigeria needs a unified team! Not individuals only fending for themselves. If this ain’t the time to have a change of mindset towards your country, then I don’t know what will change it.

You want to run away? Guess what? No fuel to even transport you and your goods overseas. 

Here’s a queue that begun as early as 2am for fuel today.

I’m really pained and I couldn’t just let this one slide.

What will happen to the hospitals? Those on Life supports? The babies in Incubators? 

Nigerians are too Ignorant. As long as it didn’t affect them, they have no business in it.

These days may be the last days we would even have Internet connection. 😪

Maybe, that’s when the youth would take action.


5 thoughts on “My country in crisis 

  1. It’s not correct. What we owe the marketers is #200billion. The actual amount being owed is #41billion naira The other part which is #159billion is the exchange rate differential on the naira. That is to say the marketers want the difference in appreciation of the dollar over the naira and devaluation of the naira. THE LATTER ISN’T OUR FAULT. PLEASE CORRECT IT. NOT #60billion dollars

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