New In | Eco curl’ n styling Custard with macadamia oil

Yes! My hair custard just came in from Jumia and its called ‘ Eco Custard with Macadamia oil ‘. Everyone’s been on the Eco hair curl ‘n styling products lately. The ones I’ve seen, Argan oil and olive oil. Now, this is an even more interesting addition. Macadamia oil


Packaging: The Eco Custard comes in a plastic container with a turning mechanism. It’s quite heavy depending on the size. It comes in different quantities too for consumer’s use.

Ingredients: It doesn’t contain Mineral oils, sulfates or parabens and it’s alcohol free. What it contains includes and not limited to the macadamia oil, glycerin. its main content is the Oil itself, from the nuts.

Scent: it has this “custard” scent mixed with hair creme scents. It has a sharp scent to me though, but it doesn’t stay for long. the scent fades almost immediately.

Performance and results: it has a custard yellow color and i find its wobbling nature amusing. I’ve tried it on my hair-line and edges several times and ive come to these conclusions. when applied to my dry hair line, it sort of wets my edges and “That’s all!” When i tried it with my sister’s hair, also dry, it made the edges sleep a bit. My sister has a permed hair, and my hair is more or less natural, so if you’re looking for a hair edge controller, this may not be the best fit for that purpose. Moreover, when i tried it for my wet hair, It did so much! It works better when applied on wet hairlines. Same goes to my sister’s and a whole lot of hair textures i tried with it.

It’s an excellent conditioner, shining and styling cream for daily use! So, Naturalists! This is a must buy for softening your hair and making it more workable!

Check some out at Jumia here

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4 thoughts on “New In | Eco curl’ n styling Custard with macadamia oil

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