New in | Maybelline clear smooth all in one powder ( Shine free ) + Review

Maybelline New York Nigeria launched their signature Clear Smooth All In One powder recently this year, and it kicked off with a “Find your shade” event that held in May 2014.

The different Shades available from lightest to darkest are:
Toffee, Caramel, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Mocha & Cocoa and claims to Control shine, Conceal flaws, Smooth, Even complexion, Mattify, Brighten and Perfect Tone with pro Vitamin C and SPF25/PA++.
Ok, so here’s my take on the product

Pricing: I basically got it with a small amount or almost free from Jumia because of the ongoing sales at that point in time. The pricing is really neat for this product, I must say. I’m talking around 2,000 naira, so Yh. I’m impressed!


Packaging: as you can see the previous photos, it’s in a handy rectangular pink compact case which I think is really cute. You could carry it anywhere and everywhere for that touching up! It’s basically pocket sized.

Quantity: I’m a Nigerian! 😭 We have to get quantity for the pricing, so, yeah, quantity is very important. Since the powder is highly compressed, it should go a long way on your shelves. That was the first thing I looked at when I got the order. I was a bit disappointed though, but it’s highly compressed which made me loosen up a bit about the powder

Scent: It has no scent, to me though, but really, I don’t need it to scent 😭😭

Performance: I purchased the powder in Cacao color primarily for my contour applications and since the color is darker than my skin color, I need just a bit, and that bit covers almost all areas! It’s amazing. I don’t sweat on it and it stays just fine for hours. I’m “blessed” with a moisture lacking skin so it may be different for you. Just like the product says “shine free” , this Baby doesn’t shine at all!

Conclusion: I’d recommend it to everyone. Pros are more than the cons. The only con for me is the small quantity for the price, but since it’s compressed, it helps! 


1 Peter 4:14

14 If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.



7 thoughts on “New in | Maybelline clear smooth all in one powder ( Shine free ) + Review

  1. Maybelline powder,kajal and mascara is awesome.Am so addicted to it.Trust me,its a product to lay your hands on.No Regrets!!!Looking forward to using the lipsticks.

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