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Dear Naomi,  

Thinking about you right now sends a cold shiver down my spine…a pleasant one though because that’s the feeling that runs through my veins every time I think about your pretty face and infectious smile.

Is this love? I ask myself because I can never attest to the fact that I’ve ever truly been in love before…..that is before I met you.

I just saw you today, for the third time, after chapel service and all I could think about as I sauntered to my hall were those deep,piercing,adorable,alluring,sexy…..dark eyes that stared at me.Those lips that spread to reveal the warmest grin ever! That voice that sounded like that of an angel’s…well,technically I don’t know what an angel sounds like..but I’m pretty sure you’d make the perfect example.All I’m saying is simple…I saw you today and I saw a woman that’ll make me very happy…a woman I esteem to be the best creature God has ever made….

……A woman that has captured my heart…


I’m thinking of you right now…trying to recollect the memories I can of you and me.Memories I wish to be real…the thought of you right here next to me.Pleasant feelings..happiness and joy…things I want both of us to share…if only you give me the chance to show you how much I love and care…I want to feel your warmth…the sensation I get when you’re around me…..I want to see your face…the one thing that makes my heart race…so lovely…so perfect…so good to be true…

I wanna know…do I stand a chance? I’m I worthy of your love? Have I fallen into a trance? Am I good enough? Questions that bug me each time I think of what to say how much I love you.

Miraculously it seems even God wants us to have a chance.To be honest going back from school in the same vehicle! That I didn’t see coming…oh but it was wonderful..we kept making up excuses and questions just to talk to each other..even though we were seated on opposite ends of the backseat

.I noticed you stealing glances at me…I in turn did the same and I’ll never forget the grin we both shared when our eyes locked.

It’s funny because every time I try to picture the prettiest face in the world(Yours) It’s never as ravishing as when I see it for real.

Staring at you alone inputs in me a weird kind of hope and confidence that renders me vivacious and ready to conquer the world(figuratively speaking of course J).

So we began chatting on social media…getting to know each other better.Our likes and dislikes…our do’s and don’ts amongst others.It was so amazing to find out how much more we had in common than I thought.How we liked the same TV we shared similar hobbies etc.I felt like I’d met my one true love..the kinda stuff that only exists in fairytales..except this is real life….

…Or is it?

Harold Great Okolo


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