New in | Nyx soft matte lip cream review ( on a dark skin )  + pictures 

When it comes to my lips, I am a MAC user! I breathe Mac, eat mac not just because of the amazing results but because of my facial sensitivity. The area around my lips are so sensitive to oils. I can’t even afford to make the mistake of using an oil based product. I’ll have breakouts everywhere on my face! Which is why I chose to stick to Mac or matte products.

Cannes, Amsterdam and San Paulo

But, you know, MAC ain’t cheap. I mean? 5,000 for one? Last year, I got my MAC retro matte ruby woo for 4,200. I was literally crying on the inside because, it has increased to that amount from 3,800. I had to look for a substitute that does the same job but a cheaper price. That’s how I found this product.

I did my little research of course,  three days research  to have an idea on the Nyx soft matte lip cream and the colours that would fit my lips. So, I got Amsterdam, Cannes and São Paulo. Interesting, ain’t it?

Pardon my chipping nail. Amsterdam, Cannes and I’m holding San Paulo
San Paulo


Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Cannes

 Amsterdam is a reddish color, San Paulo is on the pink side and Cannes appears somewhat nude on my lips.

Purchasing and Pricing

So, I purchased this lippies on . They did such an amazing job with the delivery and communication if I must say. I got these babies for 2,000 each! no discount or anything. 


The nyx soft matte lip creams come in a tiny bottle with doe foot applicators. The bottles are really cute and it got my attention easily with the outer gloss.

Scent and taste

Omg! If there’s a first pro to this product, it’s the scent. It’s really heavenly once you open the bottle. I hadn’t even used the lip cream yet, and it was smelling so good! On the other hand, for those of us that love licking our lips, almost a habit for some, you may not find this product enjoyable as it has this somewhat mild taste to it. Almost opposite to its scent. 


Just what I was looking for! I mean, I searched online for shades that would fit my skin tone and undertones, and my lips so I don’t look like a clown. That’s why I got shades each in the red, pink, and nude family. 

Sãn Paulo

This is a not-too-bright pink shade. It’s not as bright as Addis Ababa which goes all up on “brightness” lol. Just like MAC candy yum yum. It’s toned down a bit And I really like it.



Amsterdam is for the red lovers! The likes of the Ruby Woo gang. There’s a down to this shade for me though, it’s not so true to the bottle. I found it a bit glossy on my lips against the matte I expected but in the end, a cost cutting change for me!



Ugh! This is my best out of the three I tested! Like! It has this sandy finishing to it, makes my lips so kissable .  I love this shade so much. I almost thank God I didn’t get London or any other nude family shade because this is just perfect. And if you need it lighter than that, you could mix in an highlighter for an ombré finish. Ugh! It’s like I’m hooked to this particular shade.



Let me add my observation too about the nyx soft matte lip creams.

I observed that

  • The lippies start off as cremes and begins to dry after ten minutes or so
  • The lippies, once dry, are so lightweight, you won’t even remember you rubbed them on.
  • The shades of the lippies are so vast, some shades are almost not needed.
  • The taste, like I said, is a far throw from their scents. People who don’t lick their lips are safe! Like me 😊🙌🏼
  • I’ll definitely purchase more shades! Especially Copenhagen and Transylvania ❤️😊 (they’re dark shades of purple and I think the other is black)

So, there you have it. Are they a perfect substitute for Mac? Err… I’m still working on that, but they’re definitely worth it for the pricing and I’ll be getting even more from them soon! So, they’re getting there.

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Till the next post!




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