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There are fashion trends and a lot of trendsetters as well as trend followers. I try to make my own trends you know, just for chills. I’m so sure we’ve all been in one trend or the other. Some of us might have even gotten carried away by the waves. Lol.

These are my best fashion trends yet! Here goes.




    I havent still gotten over this trend!! Arrrghh! whenever im made to choose between colours and im given a narrow option ” Pick only two ” I’d pick black and white ! Its almost reflex. Stripes don’t even help matters. Just clothes though. Not shoes! thats a different ballgame

    • NEONS


        I remember seeing all sorts of neon colored outfits! shoes ! acessories ! I mean, the public went wild with this one. I sure did pick my faves from this trend. i mean, my acessories, shoes… lol. Neon items are so catchy, if youre not careful, youd be caught a number of times gazing at that neon pink handbag worn by that lady crossing the street. its an obvious trend! so i like it!


           At this point, it isn’t about the rules of when you can wear all-white; it’s about how you wear it. New styling tricks include mixing textures, layering multiple pieces, and teaming various shades. I do this a lot. I mean, when i have no idea of my outfit for the day, whites are my end result. You can’t go bad with this trend! So, its a keeper
          • SLITS !


            I mean, fashion truly evolves. There’s nothing new under the sun. Slits go way back. I never really liked slits until recently. It just came all of a sudden. I had a design prepared and sewn and it had this slit pants with a traditional material lining. It was absurd for me! Not just pants, but slit gowns. I mean, those slits that go way up to the bust. I have a white slit gown i haven’t tried on yet, but when i’ll do, you’d definitely be the first to view how i rocked the trend!



              With the African sun at its peak this summer, i’ve been looking for ways of not getting myself burnt in the process of moving about. You know, im still a student and we have our everyday hustles. I use my sunscreen, but i found a better option. FLOPPY HATS!  ( i still pair it with my sunscreen though ). It’s my latest obsession and a recently picked trend for me. I’d love to have several of them! Really!

              There’s a lot more but, my faves are these for now. What’s your most preferred?

              Dont leave without a comment. Lol!

              I would love to know more trendies!




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