It’s time to go PRO with GOPRO – Exclusive to Jumia + Review and Pictures


A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away. Which is why we have to make the best of every moment and store them up into our beauty albums. Think about it! You don’t take a photograph, you make a photograph what it is and these days,everyone is really keen on getting quality shots for their moments. I’m not even excluded because i know how many shots it takes for me to be content with a pose! Ladies! You feeling me or what? Which is why I’ve gone on a rampage for the best and most pocket friendly action camera ever and Guess what? It’s right here on Jumia! Exclusively!


Most probably you need a picture mid air, under the water, mountain climbing if you’re an adventurer or simply taking strolls in the evenings, GoPro Hero 4 is one of the best out there, beating its competitors with a wide margin that may not reduce for so many reasons. Jumia never wants to exempt us from quality, which is why it’s being brought to us through Jumia. It’s a multitasker !

I know we all have smartphones that could take a number of selfie’s on a second basis, but for those who want to step up our professionalism in our photography ( imagine a snooze picture underwater!  or a full HD ( 1080p ) video of the squad at that party! )  I cannot begin to overemphasize on the quality of the pictures and videos! You’d be the new trend on Twitter !  It’s about time we become our own professionals and cover those once in a lifetime breath taking moments !AFFILIATE-HEADER-AND-FOOTER_05

There’s the GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero4 Silver and GoProHere4 Black all on Jumia and they are available for immediate purchase. Discover more about the GoPro Hero range and the accessories available for it here. Go on and become a Pro!




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