Pepped on Peplum ! 

 It’s a Sunday! And the first in November. Honestly, I’m so ecstatic due to a lot of reasons. The year’s almost over !  How many new year resolutions have i fulfilled?  I’ve crossed out a few from the list, and I’ll be crossing out some more before December hopefully!  I really do miss my pencils, my paper, my annoying little sisters. I’m basically home sick 😪

Not to worry. The Christmas break is around the corner. Not only the break, I’ve got my IT as well. It’s a 6 month program where I get to stay away from school just to work. I’ve got this all planned out. Haha. Vicky knows she’s going to do more than just work. It’s civil engineering work I’m supposed to do during the work period

I’ll draw! I’ve got this challenge coming up really soon. “A drawing a week challenge”. Thinking about it scares me already but, it’s a challenge I’ll be willing to try out during that period too, so 2016 looks really promising 💕

School’s trying to stress me out but hey! 2017 isn’t looking so far anymore! I could almost touch it with my fingers 😩

Shoes: LA Republic

Skirt: Asos

Accessories: Asos


How’s your year been? Pepped??

Mine has!

Till the next post





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