End of the year reminisce Pt. 1 + Throwbacks 

Hey guysss ❤️ ( and girls )

How are we today? I mean, how’s the year wrapping up for us? Is it just me or did 2015 go by so quickly?  For me, it flew away. January down till December. Well, maybe because there were a lot of things going on for me. School, family, art, blogging, relating with my beautiful blog family.

2015 was such a filled up year and I’ll love to take out the time to post about the activities, in no chronological order though. As it comes. You could even comment and add yours, what you know you accomplished this year, with a “bomb” celfie of yours and I’ll be sure to add it to my next post! Would you love that? I thought so.


1. In 2015, I met a lot of amazing people I’ve added to my buddy list. People like Osas Mcpeters, Mr Mide wey, Lexash, Kennedy Somto, Chroma, SIC designs CEO, even Champion’s meal digest. Jumia and Konga still feeding me with their surprises ❤️. I still carried some of my oldies along in 2015. People like Precious Francis!! Josiah!, Judith, Ella, Mary, the list is endless. I love them all 😊😊😊


2. 2015  was also a year of accomplishments too. I thank God for that. 2015 was the year I doodled up Asa which had a lot of recognition really! I can’t thank God enough. It was the year I delved into this blog properly! And it’s been mad thrill all the way. It was also the year I had up-top grades in school! ( not like I don’t get amazing grades o, but this year’s own was amazeballs! ) I mean, “UP-TOP” . It was also the year of my “Fayrouz” participation with the most dramatic teammates. It wasn’t easy. We didn’t win either, but we made it to top ten in Lagos! That was awesome enough for me.

  To be continued…




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