My Crotchet twists (Latchet hook twists) + Review

Hi everyone!
I’ll start this post by wishing everyone a happy new year!
I know I’m way behind schedule, but hey! Better late than never. How was the holidays? Mine was splendid because it was very relaxing. I spent a whole lot of time trying to relieve myself of the stress I gathered from last session at school. Pheww . Let’s move on to business shall we? 😌
So there has been some sort of wave in the hairbiz. The use of a Latchet hook to create different hairdos. I think I remember seeing a YouTube video back in 2014 about how these styles could be achieved. I loved it sincerely, but I never took it up as a different alternative to braiding or likewise. Maybe it was because the hook hadn’t gotten to Nigeria yet.

What you’ll need

  • A Latchet hook
  • Pre-twisted braids
  • A parting comb
  • Sewing needle and thread


  1. Make sure your hair is combed thoroughly so as to prevent knots and hair loss while plaiting. We definitely wouldn’t want to damage our hair. I know I wouldn’t. So I’d comb
  2. After combing, cut hair equally and plait cornrows to the back. I personally had 10 cornrows on my head, hence, 10 lines of crotcheted hair.
  3. Now, sew in those cornrows like you’re about to fix a weave with a needle and a thread
  4. Once that’s done, get your Latchet hook and fix in the pre twisted braids one by one into the hair.


Enter a caption

I used three packs of the pre twists. I had them on for like a month, they aren’t heavy at all. I got so many comments on the hair as to how I’m managing with such load. Lol I mean, it wasn’t heavy at all, but it looked so. The pain wasn’t there compared to the pain of having to plait the normal twists directly on your head.
Removing it was faster than installing the twists 😭. You just unlock and pull out. voila! And my natural hair experienced less shedding. Shedding was very minimal compared to the normal direct twists.
Now, the twists I used come in just one length and color for now. I’m glad to say that the twists are proudly Nigerian Made! πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Yes! You don’t need to go to Ali express to order. It’s amazing how we’re gradually becoming independent, so yes, if you want one, you can mention me directly on my Twitter @vii_kaykiing
I’ll definitely be using this technique a lot more for my installs!
Till the next post




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