JOURNAL: My CU stories (Episode 1)

I’m so glad my university days are gradually coming to an end. I mean, 5 years? In the school I’m in? Lol. It’s not a bad school but, that’s me trying to say something nice about it. err, not every time trying to get someone expelled. Sometimes, try getting people out of their bad habits uno?

It’s been a tacky journey in there and I’ve got funny stories to share with you. Honestly, they weren’t as funny as now but we thank God for “looking back and laughing” 😭

If you’ve got stories for my readers too, you could share your own CU experience through the contact form below. Might not even be Covenant University, but definitely your high school/ university experiences that you find hilarious.

Ok ok. I’m talking too much, and this is just part 1. I believe a handful of persons are familiar with this story, but this must be shared to my readers too!

  • Okay, so I begin
  • This happened on March 1st, and therefore I tag this incident as “the March”
  • Twas a sunday, in the year 2015
  • It has turned out to be natural, waking up on Sunday’s, and asking myself whether I’ll go for service or nah
  • All because I school in CU”
  • I hate stress. And I have my limits
  • I actually didn’t need to ask myself this question on that day, because, I actually wanted to go for the service
  • I had prepared my outfit in my head ever since, and I had them neatly ironed. Like a good girl
  • Too happy! I woke my roommates up on that day. It was a second service. Not as hectic as the first. So there were no hassles
  • Make up on Fleek! 👌 Outfit on fleek 👌 I knew I’d be the eye catcher with my body flauntin
  • So, I stepped out of the residential hall with my partner, close friend, judith
  • I saw a few of my fleek friends too. The streetwise friends.
  • They were so streetwise, they could pass by Azu with a mini skirt. (Anything mini is an offense. Lol)
  • So, we hailed ourselves. We looked darn pretty.
  • And together, walked the journey
  • Now, take note of this, which I didn’t note of on time.
  • The street friends, had slippers on. Judith and I, had heels on.
  • In fact, we were teasing ourselves about how we’d help each other balance, how the heel ain’t balanced while we walked down to chapel
  • Everything went well,
  • But not for long. Judith sighted the worst of them all. The porter without a heart and conscience,
  • AUNTY TOPE! (I believe she works hand in hand with the devil. I haven’t seen her in a long while though and I dearly pray not to.)


  • We became confused. Well,they became confused, cause, I checked myself and I didn’t see anything wrong with my outfit. (I believed I was covered up. No bust to show even, so don’t disturb me.)
  • So I was even comforting them. “Don’t worry! She won’t do anything”
  • 1st service had ended and the early goers were coming back to the halls
  • Taking pictures, and all … For Instagram and the likes
  • While we were in sweat, well, “they were in sweat”
  • So, we had a plan. We were going to act as though we went for the first service, so we’d take pictures and all that.
  • And try to blend in, But you know how this shii go
  • As we got to the turning point, things became messy!
  • Fam! There was confusion!
  • My chicks in the Lord became “one direction-less”
  • And I’m like… “Which way to go Lord!?”
  • In a jiffy, this woman spotted us amidst our madness confusion
  • And knew something was wrong
  • She began to hail “Call those girls”
  • Fam!! We found our direction!
  • We began to move in a straight line! Towards the nearest shelter,
  • Of course, it didn’t take time for me to realize that I was on heels when I saw the streets moving so fast. (Err, I’m not Rihanna that could walk in needle sized heels so I was in tears. Actual tears fam.)
  • So I began to pray to God for mercy. I can’t finish my life this way. I can’t go home without convocating. “Not now Lord”….


End of part 1


Do you have over-the-neck high school/university experiences that you’d love to share? Make use of this form below. I can’t wait to read and post them! You don’t have to put in your name by the way. In case of Privacy and all. But if you want your name in there, then Go Ahead!


Colossians 3:2020

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