It’s a coincidence how today’s one word prompt and today’s sermon sort of go hand-in-hand. You see mountains and you’re immediately thinking towards some sort of barrier, something that’s stopping you from doing what you plan to do, something, well, BIG. Well, I see mountains and I see areas of influence. I see places where I can infiltrate and influence as taught in church today. yhup I listen to the preacher preacher 😭

So, there are quite a number of mountains and searching deeply, you could find your true place of influence, a place where your actions will propel others to do similar. A mountain where you could lead others by example. Mountains like the Arts and Entertainment industry, the Politics saga, the economical fields…
Let me break this down a bit yeah? Ok.


You’ve got talent!


Did you read that right? Of course you did. You’ve got a truckload of talents Hun. It’s just for you to discover it. It’s right there and I believe so. You need that extra-extraordinary push to propel your inner man to go get that stuff and show it to the world. Remember YOLO (you only live once), so why are you being so shy at what you’re good at?


Get that talent working for you and Infiltrate a mountain today!

It might be Art

It might be dance

It might be politics

It just might be about anything positive, because remember, God’s going to ask you what you used your talent to do. Yes. He put in everyone. It’s just that some have more than the other but I assure you, a wise sowing and reaping approach and you’d be just fine
I remember when I started this art of a thing. I bless God for my Primary school art teacher and my mom who helped me discover my talent while I was much younger. My parents and I had this argument that went on for a while. They were all about the books and I was all about, the art 😭. I can’t believe I wasn’t so bothered about it. Looking back, I call myself strong willed and it’s one of those traits I love so much about myself, or anyone else. I didn’t let it stop me. Even though I’m in my final year studying a course I never even bargained for, trust me,the story is worth a read I didn’t let it affect me. I gave reasons why I needed to go on with the art, I assured them that I’d try my possible best to satisfy their needs and see how it’s turning out. Really neat. Thank God.

I felt like dropping down some motivational lines for my readers. There’s a lot going on in this world and it’s just not about the books anymore. Yes you’ve finished from High school. Yes you’ve got that degree but the question is:




Believe it or not, that’s an “IRO” from one of my traditional outfits that i wore with my trusty ol’ black Jeans

Top: IRO from Seeto Tanimola (Birthday gift)

Jeans: MRP

Shoes: Michael Anthonio wedges


Isaiah 46:99

Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me.


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Till the next post!



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