Art | JEFF DAVIES sketches + Mini giveaway sketch

It’s been a taddly doodle while since i put up anything art related on here. i even got the “do you still draw” questions two months ago and i was wondering if i had even stopped. I was just pretty occupied with work, work and more work which would be discussed in another post but then, I still do draw. Very much into it. God willing.

So here goes!

I had a mini giveaway on my Twitter account earlier this year. A retweet kinda thing and i happened to get three whooping winners. This sketch is the portrait of one of the winners and i know he’d be really glad to see this.

My followers on snapchat had the opportunity of following up with this sketch (You can add up @vii_kaykiing). Honestly, I don’t know how to explain how i started or ended or what i used, but it went through as the spirit led me. Pencils here and there, charcoal in it as well, and there’s a bit of markers in it too.

The Shot above is my favorite progress shot of this sketch. I’d love to make the shots even more clearer but some people are delaying in sending my camera over to me, so it’s the iPad for now. I even wanted to make a time-lapse video but, the stops and starts, the chores in between, the mini works. Lol.

Maybe next time. x

Taadaaaa! Took me how many hours to do this, I cant say. But i think it was worth the hassles. don’t you? Tag him if you know him and share to a friend too!


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Till the next post!



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