My final year journal: DAY 1

Dear Readers, 

It’s really feels good to be back after this long, and silent break in transit on the blog guys!

Pardon me but I fell ill. I fell so sick, I couldn’t get a grip of myself up until recently, and just in time for school resumption. I already had my mind made up on this new series I’m about to commence, “My final year journal” where I’d be letting you in on every single thing I do just because *drum rolls* “I’m now in my final year in University ” 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

Are you ready? Because I’m more than ready! So Let’s begin.


So, packing was very stressful. I dislike packing. I honestly wouldn’t want a situation whereby I get on the road and realize that something isn’t just in my box. It gets me in this regrettable mode. So I already had a list of items prepared before the dday so I’d be more organized. Really made life easy for me. 

I got my hair done the night before 🙈 ( I could have done it since but, laziness won’t let me be great 😭) Got my items set, and loaded them into the car. I really don’t like the school, but it’s the last lap and I’m more than excited. (Not in a hurry though). 



I actually resumed on Friday but, I’ll begin this journal today. I’m anticipating my friend’s arrival, MARY MAGDALENE EKANEM! Already spazzed over the fact that Precious Francis is just next door 💞

Classes tomorrow? I really don’t know but, Registration has been a breeze. It’s unlike cu, but let’s watch out for the next action. Already getting bit by love bugs but that’s for another day 🌚


IT defense coming up. Still haven’t written my report but I’d do so tomorrow. It’s been so quiet here in school. Apparently, new rules and all that. No more PA (public announcement) systems so there’s this serenity in the air. Other new rules though. Trust cu 😭


Ps. I miss my sisters/ mom so much. Here’s what my baby sister sent to me. Isn’t she cute 🙈😩


Lectures begin tomorrow. I think. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 




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