My final year journal : DAY 2

Dear Journal,

Today was quick.

Faster than Usain, I must say.

It literally rained all through. I’m under my sheets as we speak, really cold ! I got to watch episode 6 of my favorite series today. I even did a little catching up with some folks today too. Bumped into Gbemiga and most of my Course guys, (that was when I went to buy good ol’ ofada rice 😩😩)

They kept on talking silly about my weight loss. Yeah, that illness I spoke of the other post, it really dealt with me as per my weight and appearance. But I think I don’t look too bad. What do you feel? 

I’m happy God doesn’t look at my outward appearance. If not, I’d have been brutally hurt by the words. But He looks at my inward appearance, and I really do try to polish it every now and then. So, about the new weight, “LET ME BE!”

I still haven’t started my Report. I’d do so tonight. I’m just here praying that defense be postponed till I’m ready 😩

That Ofada rice was sweet btw. 🌚🌚

I had a fruit shake too. (As requested by my momma)


Everyone should try to put in fruits/ veggies to their food menu. I made do with a big bottle of this fruit shake and I got this stomach relief almost immediately after! It works like magic! Thanks Havilah! x




I missed her so much and we had this loooongg catch up conversation just because we’d lost touch during the holidays. Understanding and trust come with friendship and that’s exactly what we displayed today. 💞

Tomorrow is a service day. My timetable isn’t to die for. Thursday’s are the worst. It’s like death every week 😩. Imagine having classes from 9am to 7pm. (Can this semester end alreadyyy?)


I’ll make it.

For my mom especially. 

She deserves the best!


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