My final year journal : Day 3

Dear journal, 

I made it just in time for chapel service today! Can I get a whoop whoop? 😭

I had problems getting my bathing water hot but Patra saved my morning. I really can’t imagine myself getting into this weather with a pour of cold water. That’ll just ruin everything for me. I think I got so excited at this hot water stuff and burnt my left eye in the process. ( it just felt like a burn. No wounds people 😌). Problem was that the first pour was damn hot, but my left eye is feeling a lot better now. Thanks for asking 💞


There was chapel, (😴) and there was DLD (😴😴😴)


Just kidding. Chapel was the boring one. DLD wasn’t so bad. Might be because it was an introductory class, but what do I know? Oh. For the non-CU students, DLD is this program that’s being forced on all final year students. A must to attend, and what a way to implement so by placing it immediately after the “Almighty compulsory” Chapel Service.


I had classes too. My foundation engineering lecturer didn’t even have mercy on us. He just went straight to the books 😪 I guess work has really started. I think I’ll take tomorrow off. I still have some settling – ish to do.




I love love her so much. Enoch dragged me to this annoying and petty lecturer just to greet him. I felt somehow 😭 But I’ll be alright. He’s no longer teaching me any course. (I pray 😩)

Same ol’ fruit shakes and an addition of suya to my noodles as food for the day. My tummy accepted it perfectly, with ease 👌🏽


Mary, get well soon x




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