My final year Journal : Day 4

Dear Journal,

Today was a “stay in bed” day. I had my visitation today. Lol. Plus, I’m on my second roll of tissue. I’ve been purging all day😩. I’m thinking it was the suya I ate yesternight because I still felt the aftertaste this morning. Yh. There were classes but I couldn’t go for any, just because of my “Situation” 😪


I don’t even think I had anything to eat today. Patra was nice enough to get me my favorite, Ribena 💞 as per, “get well soon gift” 😭
I still haven’t finished it yet. Got another juice box just because my taste buds wanted something else, and that was it. Hopefully, I’ll get something solid to eat tomorrow. I MUST GO FOR CLASSES TOMORROW 🙄


Talking of classes, my timetable tomorrow is death 😩 9am to 7pm. Like, am I supposed to die on the line? Oh ye Civil Engineering? 


My roomie of life came over to see me today! Alongside Maggie 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

I love love her so much! You know how you get to have a complete stranger as a roommate and you get along so well? You don’t? Well, it doesn’t happen everyday, but it happened to us. Never for once had a quarrel or misunderstanding of any sort. And she dropped by to see me today, pep talks and all that. 

I feel fulfilled. Moms came to see me 😭💞


The things I said I was going to get? Err… Yes, I got some of them but not all. I’ll do so tomorrow. Much love to Timi and Josiah for keeping me company today 💞


If there’s one thing I’ve learnt today, it’s this:

Never ever ever ever try to get even with someone by having revenge. Karma always plays its role. Even if it isn’t karma, God has already told us that the Revenge is His.

Major key alert people !!!


I miss my fruit shake/ smoothie / blend (whatever it is 😭)

I’ll have a cup tomorrow 

Heyy before I end this, so it wouldn’t seem like I’m not concerned, MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP ON THE 29th of this month! That’s like 5 days from now 😩

That’s a Monday, lol. 

I really don’t know how or what I’d do on that day but, I’d be receiving family and friends definitely. It’s a plus 1!! Not really excited since I’m saying goodbye to my teenage years but, a girl has to start her twenties from somewhere. Innit? 




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