Miss me? 

”Tis a delight to be able to swap the accumulated dust and clear up these thick cobwebs in here. I’ll start by thanking everyone that tried to contact me while I was away for a while. I tell you, it’s been worth the break because a “lot” of things have been up since the last post.

Oops! Bad manners 


Right now, I’m in the middle of resting my body after an intense week long church program and School resumption. Mind you, I’m gonna be resuming for my very last semester 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 and oh yes! Mama had a splendid result last semester. Thank God for that. 

PEOPLE! Understand that I’ve got so much gist for you that won’t come in until I’m done with that school. CU. To be very honest with you, they tried to bug me completely and rip my soul out of me last semester, which was why I had to take a break.

Who else has 2017 as a milestone? 💁🏿💁🏿

I do, because I’m finally rounding up my formulae cramming exercises for a while and focusing on other areas of my life, like #PepperThemGang2017 and #SeizeTheBae2017 mine was 2016 though 🙈🙈


Drop those comments, feedbacks, ecetera. I’m looking forward to linking up with you all. I’m serious 😭

If you’ve got snapchat, add me on “vii_kaykiing”. I post frequently (don’t mind the bad nailjob😂) 

Aurevoir gang!

Till the next post ❤️


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