“And We’re Live in…”

“And she’s going live in 3, 2, 1…”

Welcome back y’all!

I’m so happy I get to blog once again. I think I ended the previous session a year ago and probably with some depressed vibes. Safe to say I’m back to health (mentally). I know you missed my posts (don’t lie). Anyways, such a drag in time should tell you I’ve got lots and lots of gists to share.

I’ve got new interests, new lifestyle additions, changes to the blog would be coming up soon, I mean the looks. I’d want to move to a wordpress.org so I’d be able to have proper control over its settings. You’d be able to make purchases (art, hair, etc) with the new dot org hosting plus, I’ll let you know all I did to achieve it.

Posts to look out for this new month???
• My convocation story
• How it went
• Serious troubled times in CU
• Getting over rumors
• Friendship slashes
• Start to finish of my Beyoncé drawing
• My NYSC 21 days camp story and what to expect during your service
• My very first airplane trip! (VERY FIRST!)

How often shall I post?
That’s always the con of blogging but I promise to meet my starting goal of once a week. I could post more than that, but that’s the goal I’ll set for this new month.

You can see there’s a lot to discuss so be sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss a thing

I’ve got a new insta running. It would be my personal account for my everyday pictures. It’s @journalbyvee if you want to show some love, (which I think you should do 😆)

Happy new month 🎉
(Drop off your birthdates if you were born this month for a blogpost shoutout)

Till the next post 💕

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