Beyoncé Knowles on Acid free paper drawn with Charcoal and Graphite by Victoria King| ART

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I’d state that I’ve been on this drawing since God knows when. I actually started last year but due to a number of reasons,


• Laziness

• No inspiration to continue (yup. Lack of ginger as we call it)

• More Pure laziness

• Firstborn duties

• Need I say more?

So I’m finally done amidst all these things (finally 🎉🎉)

Beyoncé didn’t get to see it though (or maybe she did. Who knows) Who truly knows. Good part is, I think I’ve actually improved on my sketching & shading.

So I used mainly Charcoal and graphite. Charcoal pencils, graphite pencils, brushes and the rest. (Add me on Snapchat: vii_kaykiing for a more detailed list)


I don’t think anyone’s ever through with a drawing, (except kelvin okafor of course, he draws through God’s eyes. No argument) you’d come back to it and spot places you’d need to improve and improve and touch up. So I’d just call it final here.

I started with Beyoncé’s eyes because they’re really attractive and I begin with what attracts me the most. If not for this silly nysc that carried me away before the completion of this (speaking of nysc, be sure to check my next post on my detailed camping experience in DELTA STATE!)

And that’s it!

Feel free to drop questions and comments about how this was made (or anything else bothering you as you were on this post)

I think I’m making progress on my “A post a week” challenge and I feel like I’m ready to take on next month’s challenge (that’ll be increased to two posts a week, instead of one). Well, it’s till then though 😌

Twitter/IG : @thevictoriaking

Snapchat: vii_kaykiing

Till the next post,

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