10 days to freedom (Finishing from Covenant University) #COUNTDOWN ! 

Hey Lovelies 💞💞 How are we doing this cold cold day of July? I’m brrrr ( freezing ) it’s so unreal. I’m in my favorite pair of stockings and Nighties as I write to you just because the weather is perfect for even more hours of snoozing over here in Lagos 😭 I know it’s … More 10 days to freedom (Finishing from Covenant University) #COUNTDOWN ! 

How I made my Afro Kinky bulk crotchet hair + Review

Hey guys!  Today, I’ll be going through this highly requested written down hair tutorial. “Afro kinky bulk hair tutorial”. Everyone has been asking me of how I made the hair, what I used, how low budget it was, and I believe this post will clear all of the budding questions I’ve not been able to … More How I made my Afro Kinky bulk crotchet hair + Review

Miss me? 

”Tis a delight to be able to swap the accumulated dust and clear up these thick cobwebs in here. I’ll start by thanking everyone that tried to contact me while I was away for a while. I tell you, it’s been worth the break because a “lot” of things have been up since the last … More Miss me? 

Speak style?

 Here’s one of my latest designs. Yeah. If you didn’t know, I design outfits. I design clothes and could design for you too. (If you don’t mind and want to try out the Victoria King effect) 😏 I’d be posting lots more soon, but first and foremost, let me finish up with my semester papers. … More Speak style?

Style Feature | @pemmyfemmy

Scouting for that special ensemble to feature on here, I found a look I adored from the top to bottom. I loved what she put on.  Most especially the black and white “Janelle Monae” look. So I took a few pictures of her. She is this week’s Style Feature. 💯✔️ Twitter: @PemmyFemmy Photographed by: @vii_kaykiing